On average 80% of diners expect all Indian restaurants to have fLock wallpaper and the same old menus.

Scary, and probably true! if that whole scenario doesn't inspire you very much there is another option...

Welcome to Spicy Affair.

For a start, with us it’s not one size fits all,or one taste fits all, to be more exact. If you know how you like your curry tell us what you like and we’ll modify your dish to your very particular taste.Not only that but we’ll also offer some suggestion as to how you might improve it even more. Tikka masala UK? Schtikka Schmasala!
It could also be said that in the UK that a high percentage of diners are of the opinion that indian resturents are, how shall we say, what you do after you’ve had an evening out. Well think again. At SpicyAffair you can make an evening of it by starting with drinks and enjoying the relaxed ambience in our lounge areas.

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